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Partners – Reboot

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) provides education in technology, economics, international business, health care and social services. It focuses in the energy sector and combines entrepreneurship with internationalism.

Western Finland Design Centre MUOVA is a design research and development centre of VAMK. Muova has developed expertise in user-centeredness, design, product conceptualization and envisioning, service design, creativity and innovation, creative learning solutions, branding, digital formats and virtual environments.

Muova promotes international competitiveness of the society through different target groups, for example companies, education, municipalities, and organisations. It runs applied research and creates innovative methods using creativity and design. Muova specialises in solving company problems and fulfilling needs of the business world, with a special focus on SMEs and smaller companies. It implements design methods and innovation to all its activity, for example to different learning solutions. Additionally Muova runs West Cost Startup, a joint business incubator of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and University of Vaasa, serving students and staff of the aforementioned universities.


Contact person/s Tanja Oraviita
Full address Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

Western Finland Design Centre MUOVA

Wolffintie 36 F 11

65200 Vaasa


T. +358 40 7450828
Company web address https://www.vamk.fi/en



CONNEXX – Europe


CONEXX-Europe is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels (Belgium), associated with the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), which promotes cooperation actions between actors from Europe, Latin America and other regions facilitating innovative solutions for sustainable development. It is involved in different areas: projects, training and education, advocacy and lobbying, research and internationalization of organizations.

This Belgian -yet very international- organisation have many years of experience in writing and managing European funded projects related to the aforementioned topics. Its collaborators are scientists and professionals in the following disciplines: Development Cooperation, Scientific Cooperation, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Economics, Environmental Engineering, Education, Culture, Literature, Human Resources, Sociology and Law.

CONEXX-Europe is also actively involved in different networks such as:
– Forum TrEES: it works in the promotion of employment and education in Europe and Latin America.
– ORSALC: UNESCO’s Regional Observatory of Social Responsibility for Latin America and the Caribbean. CONEXX is the only European organization member of the executive committee.


Contact person/s Maximiliano Alonso
Full address Avenue Adolph Buyl 145 – 1050 Bruxelles
T. +32(0)26498481
Company web address http://conexxeurope.eu

Ιnova Consultancy Ltd.


Inova was established in 2001 as an organisation which provides consultancy services in the area of entrepreneurship and career development, with a focus on diversity and equal opportunities. Inova aims to create a more inclusive and equal society through work which focuses on supporting those who are under-represented or who face challenges to fulfil their potential in a professional setting.

Inova has worked with a vast range of target groups in order to create and facilitate training and coaching sessions. All of the projects which Inova works on are co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme. The end goal of many of the projects is to support others to become entrepreneurs or build careers following challenging times. This includes young people who are not in education, employment or training, those aged over 50, parents, those who are unemployed and women who have been victims of violence, trafficking, homelessness or abuse, to name a few.

Inova’s projects use coaching and mentoring to develop the ‘soft skills’ needed to be successful both in a professional and a personal setting. Many of Inova’s projects utilise CirclesTM, a methodology which was created by Marina Larios, the director of Inova. CirclesTM combine mentoring, coaching and action learning to support individuals to reflect on and develop either a new or existing business, change or progress in their career or consider their personal life goals. This methodology was recognised by Aberdeen University business academics as a successful programme for the development of entrepreneurial skills.


Contact person/s Marina Larios Leon
Full address Inova Consultancy Ltd, Leecroft House, 58-64 Campo Lane

Sheffield, S1 2EG

United Kingdom

T. +44 (0)114 279 9091
Company web address https://www.inovaconsult.com/



Militos Consulting S.A.

Militos Consulting S.A. (18 years of operation) is a unique, dynamic and innovative 360° consultancy firm, with a strong European profile, international experience and many distinctions in the provision of integrated and ground-breaking consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, including Gamification and Digital Applications, Skills Empowerment, Entrepreneurship Education, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Communication, Community Building and Awareness Measures, Event Management, Social Innovation, Culture, etc.

With a track record of 60 EU-funded projects and activities, as leader or partner, Militos has sound experience in project management of large-scale and complex projects as well as in depth understanding of European policies. Militos has expertise in the conceptualisation, development and operation of new and sustainable entrepreneurship schemes, train-the-trainer methodologies, interactive e-learning tools, online immersive games and mobile applications.

Militos holds extensive experience and expertise in mobilising communities, building and activating networks, designing, managing and implementing demanding events and large-scale campaigns.
Overall, within the last 6 years, Militos has organised more than 185 multidimensional events and dissemination actions with more than 65.000 participants, having received many distinctions for the quality of its services, the innovative content, the influence, efficiency and impact of its communication activities, including 2 european awards (DG AGRI), ie. the Special Public CAP Award for the widest outreach in Europe (1st place) and the Award for Innovative Communication in the EU CAP (3rd place) for the LLP project farmsup! on the promotion of agro-entrepreneurship. Militos holds a multidisciplinary team of 10 people, a large network of external experts and more than 350 synergies worldwide.


Contact person Kyriakos Lingas
Full address 335 Acharnon str., 11145 Athens, Greece
T. +30 210 6772129
F. +30 210 6772116
Company web address www.militos.org