Steps 1 and 2 (self-testing exercises) will help you in identifying where you stand with respect to soft-skills understanding and readiness to apply at work. Steps 3 and 4 involve the main training process and re-testing yourself!

Step 1: Do self-test 1 before entering the training modules. Read first the introduction to the test.

Go to self-test 1

Step 2: Do self-test 2, also before entering the training modules by clicking. Read first the introduction to the test.

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Step 3:  Start your training journey by studying the material under Modules 1-3. This involves the main training process across 22 soft skills structured in a uniform way, corresponding to 3 different levels of skills mastering:


  • Ability to provide a short definition of a skill, including its main elements in the form of abilities (ability to…)

  • Understanding the importance and benefits of a skill in work-place contexts and professional life

  • Acquiring readiness for well-informed application of skill in real-life contexts

  • Ability to apply a skill based on basic knowledge about what a skill entails (drawing from Level 1)

  • Ability to monitor the application of a skill, in order to further develop mastering of a skill (leading to Level 3)

  • Deeper understanding of a skill, involving increased levels of abstraction, systems thinking and complexity

  • Ability to apply a skill by deploying techniques, tools, strategies

  • Ability to evaluate results of action based on skills application and identify optimal ways of application

  • Ability to transfer/adapt skills to different professional settings and across different jobs/sectors (identifying and exploiting soft skills as transversal skills).

Corresponding section(s) within each skills unit:

  • Introduction to the soft skill

  • Whay is this an important skill?

  • OERs (Open education resources) + Icebreakers

Corresponding section(s) within each skills unit:

  • Exercise 1

Corresponding section(s) within each skills unit:

  • Exercise 2

  • Next steps

  • Evidence based story

Step 4: After studying Modules 1-3, proceed with the Career and Competency Flexibility and Portfolio structuring module. Finally do self-test 1 once more after completing the training and compare your results as shown with those before the training process.

Career and competency flexibility and Portfolio


Step 5: The final self-test

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