The Reboot course will assist higher education graduates to develop their competencies in recognising, upskilling, developing and showcasing soft skills needed in work life in order to foster their employability potential, ability to reinvent their work careers and boost the confidence and adaptability in potential labour markets.The target group is unemployed, under-employed or graduates returning into the job market, some of whom may have fragmented work patterns.

The Modules
The course consists of three modules, with overarching themes, which progress logically:

Module 1 About Me: How I Work encourages learners to reflect on what they bring to their situations in terms of skills, talents, dispositions and capabilities which could serve them and showcase skills in employment contexts. The module contains eight themed units designed to enable the participants to reflect on themselves and their skills.

Module 2 Context: How We Work encourages learners to reflect on skills they may have gained in a variety of settings and contexts which could transfer into work contexts and which could offer value to potential employers. How We Work contains seven themed units.

Module 3 Into Action: Get to Work! invites reflection on key skills employers have identified as being important for the modern workforce and as evidenced by research which led to the development of the Entrecomp model of the EU. Get to Work! contains seven themed units.
The course also incorporates self-testing on soft skills, reflection activities and encourages the production of a portfolio.

The learning content is delivered through work life related scenarios and narrations. Each skill is presented in a practical way focusing on helping learners to understand the dynamics of skill development in real-life situations. The training material and exercises offer an opportunity to better understand the content and importance of soft skills for work-life. These work life scenarios will help learners understand the complementarity between soft skills and hard skills and will enable them to generate a portfolio of examples and evidence through a process of self-reflection which could aid in job search and skill presentation in future situations.